14 Pieces of the Worst Fitness Advice Someone Can Give You

14 Pieces of the Worst Fitness Advice Someone Can Give You


Here is the list for the 14 Pieces of the Worst Fitness Advice Someone Can Give You

14. As long as you work out you can eat whatever you want and whenever you want.


13. Don’t squat passed parallel, it’s bad for your knees.
12. If you lift heavy you’ll just hurt yourself. Lift light and do it for as many reps as you can every time.
11. If it hurts the next day it means you’re working out too much.
10. You can go from couch to marathon in 6 months……from the same people who suffer plantar faciitis and complain about constant knee pain.
9.  Count your calories, nothing else matters.
8.  An example, “I went to the nurse last year who told me that I should change my diet to a low fat diet to help me get to my target weight. I told her I
think I already eat healthy, lots of vegetables, no processed foods and all my fats come from natural sources….like butter, milk, nuts, oily
fish. Aren’t those good fats?” The nurse said, “No, you should switch to low-fat versions and watch your calorie intake”.


7. The best way to lose weight is to run more. No need to worry about diet.
6. I have a coworker who constantly uses the word “tone”. As in muscles that are toned or doing exercises that help with toning or “getting that toned
5. The worst piece of advice was that I was genetically predisposed to be skinny and I shouldn’t bother lifting weights because I would never get


4. You shouldn’t lift so heavy, you’ll get bulky.
3. More muscle means you’ll be slower, less flexible and less agile.
2. You have a bad back. Don’t deadlift or squat, you’ll just make it worse.


1. Steroids aren’t bad for you if you use them properly.

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