15 Things Female Lifters Are Tired Of Hearing

15 Things Female Lifters Are Tired Of Hearing

1. “I only want to look toned. I don’t need big muscles.”
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Seriously? What is “toned”? Where do you think “toned” comes from? The magical “toned” tree?

2. “Aren’t you worried about having big muscles?”
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Frankly, if I’m going to spend an hour a day lifting my own bodyweight, I’d worry if I didn’t. Bigger muscles are kind of, um, the point.

3. “I really dont like muscular women.”
That’s cool, bro, cos we don’t like you.

4. “Won’t your muscles turn into fat if you stop lifting?”
Let me say this once. Sandwiches do not “turn into” unicorns. Rocks do not “turn into” amphibious landing vehicles. And muscle does not “turn into” fat.

5. “Girls should not lift over 3 pounds or they’ll get huge.”
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Should probably put that sack-sized handbag down then, girlfriend. Yes, I’m looking at you, Tracy Anderson.

6. “Aren’t you afraid of looking like a man?”
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No. Just, no.

7. “Don’t get too much muscle!”
FOX/ Glee / Via
Don’t get too entitled to comment on what another woman does with her body!

8. “So I suppose your daily diet are chicken and protein shakes.”
Not gonna lie, there’s a lot of chicken and protein shakes. And steaks. And sweet potato chips. And burgers. And ice cream. And cheesecake. And all the foods. We do it for the gains.

9. “You’ll end up resembling Arnold Schwarzenegger.”
Given that, as women, we lack the requisite testosterone to bulk like Arnie, we’re aiming for Rihanna.

10. “What about a thigh gap?”
Misconceptions / Via
Keep your gap obsession. We’re going for man-killing thighs of steel.

11. “Weight lifting makes women bulky.”
Misconceptions / Via
Nope. Lifting weights makes women strong, healthy, confident, and curvaceous. Oh, and hard as nails.

12. “‘Real’ women aren’t muscular.”
Misconceptions / Via
Real women are muscly and skinny and fat and black and white and brown and short and tall and hairy and three-limbed and blonde and ginger and bespectacled and whatever the hell we want to be.

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