21 Things Female Lifters Are Secretly Not Telling You

21 Things Female Lifters Are Secretly Not Telling You

12. We get up like we’re in a military and torture our bodies for an hour at the gym…
Lifter Secret
Parks and Recreation / NBC / Via

13. We have a smoking-hot bod but nobody to see it.
Lifter Secret

14. The bar we know is different from everyone else.
Lifter Secret
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15. Our fitness trainer knows more about us than some of our best friends.
Lifter Secret

16. We stop going gaga over high heels and begin going gooey for trainers.
Lifter Secret

17. Our closet looks very similar to this.
Lifter Secret

18. Our girlfriends start asking to help them move house…
Lifter Secret

19. While our male friends find us a little bit intimidating.
Lifter Secret

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