28 Advantages Of Being Physically Fit

28 Advantages Of Being Physically Fit

1. Saturday adventures are always fun no matter where you are.

2. Being able to accomplish what many others cant regardless of your situation. 
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3. Being strong and feeling the part is the best feeling one can have. 

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4. Your body has set limitations on you but you push yourself to the limits and enjoy physical freedom again. 

5. You keep going regardless of where the road ends. The skies the limit. 

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6. Toddlers are no match for your physical prowess. Bring it on kiddo! 

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7. Anxiety has nothing on you! 

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8. Perfectly content and happy with your outer appearance and looks. 
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9. Limitations are meant to be exceeded. You prove it every weekend. 
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10. Awkward positions and poses are no match for you.

11. Emotions never get the best of you. Being Physically fit helps you stay mentally fit.

12. Helps you escape from the horrors of life. 
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13. Shows that you are constantly improving yourself and your well-being.

14. Enables you to try even the most ridiculous things that many people cant do. 
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15. Also shows that you are taking care of yourself.
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16. The demands of your job are rough, but they’re no match for your physical self. 
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17. Regardless what grandma says, your healthy at whatever size you are.

18. Your Mind and Body are in sync with each other. 

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19. Your in control of your destiny, body and mind. 

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20. You make time to accomplish the goals you set. 
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21. Its a great way to stay mentally sane ad-midst all the chaos in the world.

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22. Pain is relieved through your constant attention to your physique.

23. Setting Goals and Hitting them is a life priority. 

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24. Your able to walk and enjoy the scenery and outdoors.

25. Against all odds, Defeating adversity and accomplishing what you set your mind to do.

26. Enjoying the life you were meant to have.

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27. Showing everyone that no obstacle is to big to overcome, on and off the court.

28. And being Naked is a joy for you and hopefully those around you. 
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