28 Urban Dictionary Words that Perfectly Describe a Bodybuilder

28 Urban Dictionary Words that Perfectly Describe a Bodybuilder

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If you are a true bodybuilder you need to know these terms so you can understand the lingo when you are working out.  Some of these terms you may already know,  and some may give you a good laugh.  Hopefully, not all of these are not in you daily vocabulary or you might be #24.


1.  Body Bangin – Someone with a nice body or tight.

body bangin bodybuilder


2.  body boner – When your muscles are filled with blood after an intense workout.  Kind of like right before sex, but opposite.

body boner bodybuilder


3.  bodybuilder – A kind of athlete who will work out with heavy weights and consume large amounts of protein.  Attempts to achieve a muscular and well-defined body.



4.  bodybuilder’s face – When male or female bodybuilders grimace and clench teeth while posing, deep lines or fold appear on the cheeks, parallel to the nose.  Despite the person’s huge body mass, the face looks kind of sick and emaciated and just plain freakish, especially in the case of female steroid abusers.

bodybuilders face


5.  bodybuilding forums – The only forum in the world full of virgins working out for “aesthetics” just to get girls.  A lot of racists and insecure troll the site.

bodybuilding forums


6.  female bodybuilder –  Easily the sexiest, most erotic kind of female in the universe.

female bodybuilder


7.  gym package – An unfortunate side effect that occurs after having worked out at a gym that causes a man’s penis and testicles to shrink significantly, often making ones two testicles look like a single testicle.

gym package


8.  gym pigeon – A person who only works out their upper body and doesn’t understand what it is to do a squat or a deadlift.

gym pigeon


9.  gym pollution – Anyone showing improper gym etiquette.

gym pollution


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