35 Gym Fails – Beginner’s Guide of What NOT to Do

35 Gym Fails – Beginner’s Guide of What NOT to Do

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We have another funny video to share.  We love beginners!  We were there too once, so we feel their pain. The full youtube video is on page 4.

Tips and what NOT to do:

You really have to make sure you have your arm at a 90 degree angle or you just won’t get much out of this exercise.


You need to use your body as a fulcrum to feel that crunch in your abdominals.  The hips do NOT have to be up.  Use a exercise ball to support your low back if you want your hips up.  Protect your neck and your low back or you will definitely feel it later.


It’s better to use gravity to get a good pump in your chest muscles.  This is an upside down chest fly.


I guess you can’t have too many spotters!


I guess it can be a family outing for some.  Haha.


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