560 lb Man loses 60 lbs in 2 weeks Riding his Bike Across USA.

560 lb Man loses 60 lbs in 2 weeks Riding his Bike Across USA.

We’re all about staying fit, lifting heavy weights and making the best health decisions in and outside of the gym, regardless of your weight, status or whatever other excuse people come up with. With that said, we’re giving this Guy some props for making a huge change in his life for the better, especially against all odds and without the right equipment. Goes to prove that all your need is a little will-power and the right mind set and your going to make a change no matter what’s thrown at you.

Eric Hites, weighing in at a whopping 560 lbs, decided to make a change in his life for the better in order have a better relationship with his wife and to get a better job. Hites decided he needed to lose massive amounts of weight to better his overall life and has taken it upon himself to ride his Bike across the U.S.A., even after he bent the RIM on the bike twice since he’s started. 


Eric currently wears a size 70 pant size and wears a 10X T-Shirt. Yes, XXXXXXXXXXL size T-Shirt. 

Here’s Eric’s rig before he took off on his Epic Journey, as seen on his GoFundMe page:



All is well after he takes off, but not long after he started getting bike problems and his bent RIM as he was riding, making it almost impossible to ride his bike.




Before his story started to pick up traction with local and national news agency, a local newport bicycle shop, Newport Bicycle , received a call from a man who Eric had just met and came to Eric’s rescue, setting up a bike that could handle Eric’s size and not have anymore issues. Even before the News story broke about Eric’s journey, Newport Bicycle was already in the process of getting the bike ready and personally delivered to wear Eric was camping.

Newport Bicycle donating new Bike to Fat Guy across America


Eric has traveled roughly 90 miles and is Down a staggering 60 Lbs so far, and hopes to lose over 100lbs be the end of the trip, as he’s trying to get down to 300 lbs.

Getting fit isn’t easy, but Eric’s on the right path and is making strides to getting healthy and getting in shape and we commend him for that. If you’d like to help Eric in his journey to lose weight and ride across the USA, Make a Donation at his GoFundMe page and follow his Progress on his Facebook page too.

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