Before and After Steroid Detransformations, These Guys Lost it All

Before and After Steroid Detransformations, These Guys Lost it All

3. Flex Wheeler

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Hard to believe that the Adonis-like Flex Wheeler in picture one is the same man as the mustachioed guy in picture two who looks like he’s the “before” version of a Biggest Loser contestant. Flex wheeler underwent Kidney Transplant surgery at the age of 37 in order to stay alive. He went through 9 surgeries in 11 weeks which left him pretty much as you see him in the picture to the right.





4. Tom Prince

Yes, these pictures are both of the same guy. On your left, we have cartoon muscleman Tom Prince. And on the right, we have death metal golf pro shop Tom Prince. The only difference? A bunch of injectable supplementation, a couple pounds of spray tan, and some SICK shades.


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Tom Prince in the Middle next to Jay Culter



5. Paul Dillet

The only similarity in these two pictures of Paul Dillet is that sketchy facial hair. In the first one, it makes a psychotically large human being look all the more intimidating. In the second, it successfully distracts from a noticeable double chin. Unfortunately for Paul, it can’t cover his gut that’s been bloated to the point of resembling a very pregnant woman from years of steroid use.


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