Before and After Steroid Detransformations, These Guys Lost it All

Before and After Steroid Detransformations, These Guys Lost it All

6. Günter Schlierkamp

This is probably the only before/after here that isn’t totally depressing. Sure, Gunter isn’t the bronzed up freak-show that he was in his competing days, but at least it looks like he’s only let needles – not himself – go entirely.


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7. Chris Cormier

So Chris Cormier looks like a totally average dude now that he’s no longer juiced up. Looks like every ounce of muscle has been stripped from his body, but on the bright side, what he’s lost in mass he’s made up for in head gains. Seriously, take a look at that massive, misshaped dome. Impressive.


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8. Bob Paris

Jacked Bob Paris, meet hiking enthusiast Bob Paris. This new and unimproved version still has that patented stupid face, but sadly comes with the body of someone who doesn’t routinely abuse their body with a combination of HGH and anabolic steroids.


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9. Kevin Levrone

The only explanation I have for Kevin Levrone’s deflation is that his genetics finally failed him. And by genetics I mean his willingness to drive needles into his ass on a regular basis. I’d really love an explanation for the red Speedo pics that chronicle his full descent into normalcy/not being able to produce testosterone naturally. I’m guessing now that his competing days are over he moonlights as a male stripper that caters exclusively to trailer park bachelorette parties.


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10. Victor Martinez

So Victor Martinez did some time in the joint, and emerged ¼ of his competing size with a head that looks like it was distorted using one of those nifty iPhoto features. I’m not sure whether I should be amazed or mortified, but I’m both, and I’m going to stop looking at that second picture before his lifeless eyes suck my soul through the computer screen. Lesson: don’t introduce steroids into your everyday routine, and don’t introduce yourself to the American prison system.



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