Bro cannonballs onto a Tiger Shark to Prove he’s the Ultimate Alpha Male

Bro cannonballs onto a Tiger Shark to Prove he’s the Ultimate Alpha Male

Proving your manliness can sometimes take a “leap” of faith and courage, as this bro just found out when his friends dared him to jump into the ocean as a tiger shark was approaching. There are several thoughts that could be going through this bro’s mind as he was preparing to possibly have the last swim of his life.

1. Did I take my Pre-Workout in case I need to make the Swim of my life? (Hopefully!)

2. How many scoops of pre-workout did I have? This is important to know, and you can usually tell by the sharp tingling feeling you start to get as it kicks in. Anything over 1 scoop is under and anything under 4 scoops you’ll make it to tomorrow without having to visit the ER.

3. Is my mind and body in the right place if I don’t make it out alive? Have I said my Goodbye’s? (Zyzz, here he comes!)

4. Are my friends going to Jump in to rescue me if all goes to Shit? (Wouldn’t Count on it brah)

5. Ah Screw it, I’m Jumping.

The moment before the Jump.

Tiger Shark

There’s nothing a Bro wont do to One-Up his buddies and become the ultimate Alpha Male.

Tiger Shark

Luckily, The shark swam away. I mean, This Bro scared the Shark away with his pure Muscle and Masculinity.

Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

Here’s the video of the Australian lad jumping into the water to prove his manhood alongside this tiger shark.

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