Buff NYC Sheriff Photos Go Viral and Ladies want a Piece of Him

Buff NYC Sheriff Photos Go Viral and Ladies want a Piece of Him

Miguel Pimentel is the NYC Sheriff that is lighting up the streets with his Bulky bod and award-winning Physique, as women have flocked to him through out the City after his Pictures where posted to Social Media.

Miguel Pimentel NYC Buff Cop Bodybuilder

via twitter

Pimental told The New York Daily that “I’ve already gotten a couple of women approach me on the street, saying, ‘Oh you’re the cop on Facebook’,”. He’s been getting stopped quite a few times on the streets of New York since his Photo’s went viral on Twitter and Facebook.

He explains the constant struggle that he has with women talking about him in Spanish, which he does understand fluently, saying:

“A thing that happens a lot is when I go out in uniform, like to get lunch, I’ll go to like a Subway and the female workers will talk about me in Spanish because they think I don’t understand, They’ll say things in Spanish like, ‘Oh I want him to handcuff me’ or, ‘I want to take him into the back room’ or something like that. But I fully understand what they’re saying,” he said, laughing. “I usually just act like I don’t know what they’re saying until I’m about to leave and then I’ll tell them, ‘You know I understood what you were saying, right?’”

Miguel Pimentel NYC Buff Cop Bodybuilder

via twitter

Miguel Pimentel NYC Buff Cop Bodybuilder

via twitter

Unfortunately for all the ladies out there looking to hook-up with this guy, the reality of it all is that he’s already taken and has a rather serious relationship with his Girlfriend of 2 years. Miguel Joined the Marines when he was 21, in which he completed 3 Tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan. Miguel’s mother explains, “He did training and body building when he was in the Marines. He was stationed in California,”. After serving 10 years in the Marines, Miguel joined the Sheriff’s Department in 2013, the same year that he won the National Physique Committee New Jersey State Championship for Amateur Bodybuilding.


Miguel even said that women have come up to him and said that they were Catfished online when some pranksters decided to use his photo’s on online dating sites pretending to be him. “I’ve had four girls approach me and tell me that they’ve been catfished with my photo” he said. I’m sure if Miguel didn’t have a long standing relationship he wouldn’t mind all the attention he’s getting from all the females in NYC.

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