Over 248 Police Officers and Firefighters in New Jersey were linked to a Steroid Ring

Over 248 Police Officers and Firefighters in New Jersey were linked to a Steroid Ring

Being in the Law Enforcement field is probably one of the hardest jobs to have. You are constantly dealing with people are committing all sorts of crimes day in, day out. Stories are continually popping up in the News about Cops getting caught in all sorts bad situations, whether it be in a Robbery, High-Speed chase or in a Fatal shooting. These stories are the ones that usually make the news and what most people think about when they hear anything about a Cop. Even more recently have been all the cop related shootings that have been sprouting up throughout the nation, causing all sorts of controversy and chaos throughout cities across the US and other nations.

Cops usually get a bad-rap when it comes doing anything for the public, and further more, anything that comes to light about their extracurricular activities usually doesn’t aid in their causes. Well one of these activities that has come to light not to long ago was a recent bust of a lone physician out of New Jersey who had been providing over 248 Cops and Firefighters from 53 different agencies a steady supply of Steroids, Growth Hormone and Testosterone to get these guys jacked.

This all came to light when the physician, Joseph Colao, who was 45-yrs old was found dead in his Jersey City apartment due to heart Failure and investigators began sorting through his office’s medical records and started to big up what was soon to become one of the largest illegal steroid and doping rings that involved law enforcement in history.


Joseph Colao

It was said that Colao (pictured above), according to records obtained from investigators from his Medical Office, had fraudulently provided over 248 officers and firefighters from 53 different agencies muscle-building drugs within a years span. These drugs or PED (Performance Enhancing Drugs) were said to have been linked to “increased aggression, confusion and reckless behavior” according the

Furthermore, most if not all the prescriptions that Colao prescribed to all the officers were paid for through their Government health plans, costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Throughout the year, Six of Colao’s patients in particular, 4 police officers and 2 Corrections officers, were named in lawsuits alleging excessive force or civil rights violations right around the time they received drugs from him or shortly afterwards.

Many others have been arrested, fired or suspended for off-duty infractions that included alleged behavior such as Assault, Domestic Abuse, Harassment and Drug possession, including 1 patient who was left nearly paralyzed after suffering a stroke that was attributed by the Growth Hormone Colao “prescribed” to him, according to his Doctor.

Pictured below is one of Colao’s Patients, Passaic County sheriff’s Detective Rafael Galan, who actually won the Mr. New Jersey middleweight bodybuilding title in 2006. Galan was previously asked to undergo testing for steroids in 2004, in which he later sued the department for illegally ordering the testing on him. His results were never made public – looking at the pictures below, I’m sure you can deduce the outcome of those tests.




That same year, Galan (pictured above) appeared in the “Calendar Cops” calendar that was produced for charity by the “NJ Cops” monthly law enforcement magazine. Galan has also be charged with official misconduct and there are records from local pharmacies that showed Colao had prescribed Galan testosterone and HCG.




The real questions that comes to mind when discussing Steroid abuse with Law Enforcement is why aren’t these officers being tested more often in order to prevent scenarios where Cops are more aggressive, especially now that Police involved shootings are becoming more prevalent in the news than ever!

Could there be a link between Cops who are overly aggressive and short tempered and the use and abuse of Steroids, Growth Hormone and Testosterone? Cases like these don’t usually show up in the media, as they are Hushed away quickly from the spot light and many Police Departments usually settle these cases with a suspension and close the case rather quickly, but the issue is still there, nevertheless.

From New Jersey to California, in Police Departments small and Large, tons of law enforcement officers have been arrested, suspended or reassigned to desk duty in just the past few years for Buying Steroids or Growth hormone without a prescription. In some of those cases, officers were selling the substances to colleagues within their own departments.

A recent article we featured with a NYC Cop that was getting a lot of publicity due to his shear Mass and Muscular physique should have everyone questioning his techniques and further more, his Stack. Not very many people can look like this without “Help” from Supplements and other “things”. (We’re not saying he takes Steroids or anything else, but from the images below, you would think he’s doing something in order to get that kind of mass/size).


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We’ve featured many articles of Great Transformations of Normal people that have turned into Muscular bodybuilders with the Use of Steroids, Testosterone and HGH, as your can see in this Article about Transformations of Famous Bodybuilders. Seeing how bodybuilders, who are not in the limelight of danger on a daily basis use all sorts of PED’s, one could understand why these Police Officers and Firefighters are turning to Steroids, Growth Hormone and Testosterone to boost their physical capabilites in order to keep up with their Colleagues and whats going on around them. That by no means is an excuse, but rather something that needs to be discussed within Departments along with Proper random testing of individuals. That would be the only way the use of Steroids within Law Enforcement will be curbed.


See the Full Article about the Huge Drug Bust here at

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