CT Fletcher Gives the 10 Commandments of F*ckin Muscle Growth

CT Fletcher Gives the 10 Commandments of F*ckin Muscle Growth

CT Fletcher is back at it with one of his newest videos featuring his 10 Commandents of Muscle Growth. In “CT Fletcher” style, he lays out the 10 commandments for Growing muscle, staying strong and living long. This foul-mouth video sounds like a Hymn for Bodybuilders, with profanity sprinkled on top. CT never ceases to amaze us with his contributions to the Bodybuilding community and this time he’s teamed up with to give us Perspective on the Do’s and Dont’s in Bodybuilding.

Commandment #1 – Grow


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You don’t have the proper mental attitude behind saying the 1st Commandment. You must train your Brain and Believe it. Never stop Growing, get your Mind in a State of Growth and never let it get weak. A proper Mental attitude will make or break you in this business.

Commandment #2 – Question the Impossible


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Never accept the limitations of someone else! Decide for yourself what your limitations are, then you’ll know whether or not you can do it or not.

Commandment #3 – Pain is Necessary, Embrace the Pain


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Out of pain we are Born, Pain is a Must, Pain is a necessity of Growth. Get Used to it MuthaF#cker.

Commandment #4 – Listen to your Own F*ckin Body


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The best judge of what you should and should not do is your Own F*ckin Body. Your Body will tell you if your exercise doing something or not.

Commandment #5 – Focus, Focus, Focus


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Get a Clear Picture in your MuthaF#cker Mind of what you want to Achieve and FOCUS. Dont be an indecisivie MuthaF#cker, Be focused and Pick your Goal and Stick F*ckin to it.

Commandment #6 – Changing the Routine


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Our bodies adapt to their training, so you must change it up and not get comfortable.

Commandment #7 – Angles are Essentials to growth



All of our bodies are built differently, experiment with your Workouts and see what works for your body the best. The perfect Angle for you can only be determined by Trial and Error.

Commandment 8# – Overloading


Overloading your muscles by using Heavy Weights and then Overload with Larger Volumes. Your Body will adapt to what you tell it to do. It must Grow, You Must Grow.

Commandment #9 – Obsession



Its not just a word – If you want to be the best at it, You must be Obsessed with it. Ask all the champs, You Dream it, You sleep it, you Taste it and You smell it. F*ckin Obsession is an absolute must to Greatness.

Commandment #10 – Never, Ever Become Satisfied


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Satisfaction is the Devil, The end of the Line. You cannot progress further than satisfaction. It’s over for you MuthaF#cker when you are satisfied. You think you no longer need to push yourself. F*ck Satisfaction. Your Journey isn’t over, Kick and Scream for the Rest of your Life.

Here’s the Full Video of his 10 commandments, Have a watch and Prepare for a Tornado of Vulgar and Hymns:

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