Guys Vs Girls Thought Process When Lifting Weights

Guys Vs Girls Thought Process When Lifting Weights

The JKF (JustKiddingFilms) crew are at it again in this video, confronting the not so rudimentary obstacle of pressing weights and how far they can give it a go. With the correct mindset, these folks are showing us how it’s done. It may be different for each and everyone, with the mantras and internal (or external) rituals and all, but really, when the human mind’s in the “zone,” then half of the battle is done already.

To clarify, there are correct methods of benching and of course, you have to be realistic about it. All those mantras and psych-ups won’t do you any good if your body can’t take the strain. While the mind envisions infinite possibilities, the human body can only be pushed so much. You can challenge yourself any day. Just keep yourself grounded.

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