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Bodybuilder Uses Breast Milk to Bulk and Claims it has Growth Hormone in it

Protein FartJuly 29, 2015

World Record Holding Powerlifter Goes Public about being Transgender

Protein FartJuly 27, 2015

7 Famous Celebrities who Probably took Steroids, 1 Time or Another.

Protein FartJuly 27, 2015

Shocking Transformation of former Ms. Olympia Female Bodybuilder

Protein FartJuly 27, 2015

560 lb Man loses 60 lbs in 2 weeks Riding his Bike Across USA.

Protein FartJuly 25, 2015

16 Crazy Work-Out’s that you should NEVER Try at the Gym

Protein FartJuly 25, 2015

Dramatic Bodybuilder Detransformations who Lost all their Muscles

Protein FartJuly 22, 2015

Who knew having the Perfect Body was this Easy…?

Protein FartJuly 22, 2015

A near Death Knife Attack didn’t stop this Bodybuilder from Competing

Protein FartJuly 21, 2015

Ripped Amputee Veterans pose for Photographer in Awe-inspiring fashion

Protein FartJuly 18, 2015

Bodybuilders take Shots while lifting, things start to go down hill Fast

Protein FartJuly 17, 2015

Taking Short-Cuts to having a Nice Ass is Stupid, As you can See Here.

Protein FartJuly 15, 2015

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