See who Picks Up More Girls – Hulk Bodybuilder vs Dad Bod

See who Picks Up More Girls – Hulk Bodybuilder vs Dad Bod

The whole internet is going crazy with this whole Dad Bod craze about having a Dad bod gives you the ultimate Soul Mate if you are looking for the right guy, or whatever. A couple guys from Youtube Decided to try to Pick Up ladies out on the Streets and Parks, by asking them whether they preferred a Dad Bod or a Bodybuilder (who was conveniently painted as the Hulk and wearing only shorts).


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Some of the Responses where rather quick and to the point, others were very Awkward and some were…. Interesting, to say the least (pay attention to the part around 2:20). These guys had some rather hilarious pick-up Lines, although it seemed like the Dad-Bod fellow seemed to always do the talking.


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We’re not sure whether or not the Pick-up lines helped these guys land some numbers or not, but here are few Pick-up lines they used to break the ice, which may come in handy if you are in a state of “Dad-bodism” and need a goto line.

Dad-Bod Pick Up Lines:

  • “I see you’re smoking so you probably like my smoking hot Dad bod”
  • “You have a Boyfriend, Does he Look like me?”
  • “Ladies hold on one Sec, what do you think about Dad bod” (as girls frantically run past the guy)
  • “I’m pretty Hot right…? I work out.”
  • “Just by looking at you, you need a Nice Dad-Bod to Cuddle with, am I right?”

via youtube

Have a Watch at the Video below and see which Body type gets the most votes and share this with your Friends!

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