Shocking Transformation of former Ms. Olympia Female Bodybuilder

Shocking Transformation of former Ms. Olympia Female Bodybuilder

Circa mid-late 1990’s Denise began abusing different drugs and tried to get back into bodybuilding so she began using steroids again. It has also been said that she had serious bi-polar disorder.

After several “low key” years of drug addiction, she decided to make another appearance in the public eye, however this time, it was for evading arrest.

Talk about making a social comeback:

Denise_Rutkowski mugshot


denise rutkowski mugshot

via just mughshots

denise-rutkowski mugshot

Yikes! Is that really her? That looks like a man!

That’s what 20 years of steroid use mixed with drug addiction will do to you. Not a pretty picture.

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  1. Jim

    March 10, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Poor lady.

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