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Strongest Fat Burners – Tried and Tested

Strongest Fat Burners – Tried and Tested

Nothing beats shredding up after a hard season bulking. Stacked abs, sculpted torso and arms with veins more connected than a road-map.

It’s an awesome feeling.

However, switching over to it is a tough transition, and most bros are turning to fat burners to get the job done. But which one is the best, and which one won’t burn away my hard earned gains?

Don’t worry. Here at Protein Fart we’ve done the research, and personally reviewed some of the strongest and best fat burners on the market for an effective cut in the quickest time.

A good fat burner is the ultimate weapon for a successful cut as it helps you:

  • Have a finished six pack – Cuts stubborn fat and leans you out quicker
  • Stay motivated, stay strong – Have higher energy levels and performance on a restricted diet
  • Keep on top of your diet – Feel less hungry and stop snacking
  • Look more vascular – Brings out veins, look stronger

The key to a successful cut depends on two things: discipline and genetics.

And more often than not, lack of the latter leads to failure of the former.

They’re used by athletes like boxers and MMA fighters who are under constant pressure to cut down to a certain weight fast. They are best suited to bros who take more time to cut and want results now, rather than months later.

But don’t be fooled, only a few decent ones get the job done, mainly by promoting three key fat burning processes:

Thermogenesis – Thermogenics are the natural way to constantly burn fat with no extra effort – by increasing our core temperature, thermogenics force our body to regulate itself which burns a lot of extra calories – vital to a successful cut.

Boosting metabolism and energy levels – When cutting, motivation can be difficult. Less calories mean less energy, which can really take a toll on your training. Natural stimulants change that, giving you all the energy you need to continue kicking ass while shredding down.

Appetite Suppression – One of the hardest things about cutting are the cravings. This is the reason most people fail. However, some supplements now include fibrous complexes that swell in the stomach, reducing hunger pangs making  a low calorie diet easier to manage.

What to look for in a Fat Burner

Aside from having the three features above, the amount of servings per day are also important with 3 – 4 individual doses being the optimum range.

There are 2 reasons why this is important:

1. Thermogenesis stays constant and continuously burns fat.

2. Frequent doses maintain energy levels and avoid crashes later in the day

On top of all of this you need to ensure that you’re getting clinically proven ingredients. It’s no use having a good serving schedule if the product itself isn’t effective.

If you’re serious about cutting weight, you’ll want to study up on them.

We did, and found the following to be the highest recommended nutrients on the market for effective fat loss:

Green Tea (Thermogenic, Energy and Metabolic Booster)

One of the most effective natural ingredients you can come across. As it already contains caffeine, you can expect a rise in our metabolism and energy levels – but it’s also a potent thermogenic.

This is down to the catechins in the green tea. They increase the amount of norepinephrine released in the body – the fat burning hormone, giving a strong thermogenic lift and stimulating fat loss.

Caffeine (Energy and Metabolism)

The best natural nutrient for an energy kick. Caffeine affects the central nervous system increasing wakefulness, metabolism and energy levels. This reduces the fatigue that comes with a restricted diet, and allows us to continue training and losing weight at optimum levels.

Glucomannan (Appetite Suppressant)

Made from the root of the Konjac plant, glucomannan is a highly effective fibrous nutrient for appetite suppression. The konjac plant swells in the stomach and makes you feel more full. This is particularly useful to those who have trouble snacking between meals.

What to avoid:


Also known as Bitter Orange Extract. In small dosages of 20mg and below Synephrine can be relatively safe, but exceeding that limit risks side effects. To make matters worse no studies that directly link it to fat loss.

These are cliche problems of a bad fat burner and can lead to problems like headaches, jitters and insomnia if you take it before bedtime – this can be intensified when mixed with caffeine or caffeinated herbs.


An effective appetite suppressant when used correctly – but that’s a rarity, most supplements tend to overuse it. There is a ‘safe limit’ of 0.2mg/kg body weight, but anything over that can potentially cause side effects such as anxiety, hypertension and gastrointestinal distress.

Raspberry Ketones

Another common, but useless ingredient used is Raspberry Ketones. It was touted in the media a few years back to be an effective weight loss aid, but this turned out to not be the case. It has only been successful in tests on rats, and the results have never scaled up to benefit humans.

There are no side effects, but they make a difference to your fat loss goals.

Proprietary Blends

Nutrient profiles that don’t disclose the amount of each ingredient in a supplement by hiding them in some kind of ‘Special Formula’ or ‘Performance Matrix’ is known as a proprietary blend. This is usually down to an ineffective amount of the ingredient being within the product.

In our experience; the more transparent the supplement, the better it is.

And taking all of the above into account, we’ve put the work in to make a list of the strongest fat burners available on the market.

Protein Fart’s Top 3 Fat Burners

1. Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is the real deal, a top of the line fat burning supplement formulated for, and used by professional MMA fighters.

It’s even a favorite of the MMA’s Diego Sanchez, who’s using it to drop a weight class – a serious challenge for any fighter:

Obviously keeping in mind that he is a high-level athlete with a dieting and training schedule that will be 100% on point, but even still it’s damn impressive.

You can read more about Diego over on Instant Knockout’s Pro-Athlete page:

We’ve tried it ourselves, and with a balanced diet, solid gym schedule and plenty of sleep –  we can confirm; this stuff is awesome.

What makes it so great?

Getting down to specifics, Instant Knockout helped me get the following results:

  • Looked strong and ripped after my cut, not skinny and small
  • Arms were more sculpted, pumped and vascular
  • More motivation, energy and mindset to workout for longer
  • Cut down on snacking and kept up with my diet

This is one of the few on the market that promotes all three building blocks of effective fat loss by being a:

  • Potent thermogenic
  • Strong energy and metabolic booster
  • Long lasting appetite suppressant

The reason this product works so well is down its partnership of clinically proven ingredients and effective serving schedule.

Instant Knockout has 4 servings a day which allow it to keep energy levels constantly raised, and thermogenic effects to a maximum.

As for the ingredients, our favorites included: Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper and Glucomannan – The top 5 highest rated and proven natural ingredients for fat loss, increased energy and metabolism, and appetite suppression.

You can read more about the dosages over on the product’s website:

Where we see room for improvement

Although Instant Knockout delivers the results you’re looking for, it can take some time at first. While I was getting used to the servings, the first thing that hit me was the increase in energy levels; I got more out of my gym sessions and began steadily cutting up.

It was only around the second and third month that I started noticing big changes. I was getting a leaner around my waist, which brought out my abs and I could see striations forming in my pecs. My body composition really improved over this period, I seemed to lose more fat than ‘weight’.

The drawback being is that it’s not an overnight pill; you need to push through the first month before you see any real results while your body adjusts.

Another problem is that you can only buy it from the company’s website, although they do ship pretty fast worldwide. However, it’s premium priced ($59) and that sucks if your on a tight budget.

Overall: 5/5

In terms of fat burning supplements, this is the best you can get. Proven ingredients, generously dosed, and using the optimum serving schedule.

If you’re serious about your training and getting in shape – it is worth every penny. As long you’re training hard and eating clean, Instant Knockout will burn off that fat and carve out your abs. It’s a premium supplement for a reason – it gets the job done. That said, cheaper rates are available on multi-box deals.

Instant Knockout is strongly approved and recommended by both MMA fighters and nutritionists – it is the ultimate supplement for cutting fat whilst maintaining muscle mass.


2. Shred JYM

A product formulated by Jim Stoppani, a highly respected member of the bodybuilding industry and owner of his own product range.

Jim strives for quality, and refuses to include any proprietary blends to ensure complete transparency.

It’s a pretty solid product, but we’ve got to admit more could be done to get it that number 1 spot.

What makes it so great?

Although it doesn’t contain that many ingredients, each one has been carefully selected.

Green Tea, Caffeine, Cayenne and Acetyl-L-Carnitine are just some of our favorites in Shred JYM that are proven to help with thermogenesis along with metabolic and energy level boosts.

There are no proprietary blends. What you see is what you get, and a lot of these ingredients come in very high (but safe) doses.

The servings aren’t the best but they’re close with 2 – 3 daily servings of 4 capsules. Ideally, 3 – 4 is preferable to cover all bases, but considering the size of each serving, it should still make some difference towards your fat loss goals.

Where we see room for improvement

There is only one major drawback with Shred JYM that we noticed while researching it. It doesn’t make an effort towards appetite suppression. Although it argues that Synephrine helps, there has been no scientific evidence that fully supports the claim.

On top of that, Synephrine comes in 20mg doses (which should be safe) – but it’s consumed three times a day, which may increase the risk of the side effects we mentioned earlier.

And there’s just one final issue of the servings. In total you’re consuming up to 12 capsules per day, which is not only inconvenient, but tedious. You have to really make it part of your lifestyle to make it tolerable.

Overall: 4/5

Shred JYM is a good product. No proprietary blends, potent ingredients and a fair share of servings a day. It’s good, but it’s not the best.

We’re impressed with the usage of ingredients like green tea and cayenne pepper. They’re supplied in heavy dosages with enough to benefit from the full fat burning effects.

However, there seems to be little work on appetite suppression, and the product does contain synephrine, which combined with caffeine or green tea can lead to side effects. Add on top of that the 12 capsules per day, and you can see why some customers have been put off.

Overall though it’s an effective product, but it not’s perfect, namely with their capsule amounts and lack of appetite suppression holding it back.


3. Shred Matrix

From MusclePharm comes Shred Matrix. We liked Shred Matrix a lot, but there were certain factors that held it back from being our number 2 pick.

It’s still a good product but there are a couple of things that could’ve been done differently.

What makes it so great?

The first thing that grabbed us is the amount of ingredients. There are so many that the panel has been broken up into 8 different categories. Not every ingredient’s effective, but there are a few great choices.

Shred Matrix contains Green Tea, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper and Glucomannan all of which tie in with thermogenesis, appetite suppression and boosting energy and metabolism.

Muscle Pharm is also an award winning brand, but we still have a few concerns.

Where we see room for improvement

Our first comment is that the serving schedule needs improvement; Shred Matrix requires 1 serving of 3 capsules twice daily. As we’ve already covered 3 – 4 servings a day guarantee consistent thermogenesis and a lessen the risks of an energy crash.

Although there are a few key ingredients in Shred Matrix, they fall under a proprietary blend. We don’t actually know if we’re getting enough of each nutrient for the best results – which could change everything.

In addition, some ingredients like Raspberry Ketones have been proven to be ineffective. And as this supplement is comprised entirely of a proprietary blend, there could be a lot of it.

Overall: 3.5/5

We can’t fully give Shred Matrix the benefit of the doubt without knowing that the ingredients have been properly dosed to their optimum levels. A total proprietary blend is suspicious – and it’s impossible to know just how effective this it is.

Some of the ingredients are hit and miss, with some clinically proven to promote fat loss, and others seen to make no difference at all.

The serving amounts are okay, but they’re not the best we’ve seen – at 2 daily servings Shred Matrix doesn’t promise constant thermogenesis or steady energy levels throughout the day.

Speaking honestly, we believe Shred Matrix still needs some work before it can be recommended as your best option. And more transparency on their ingredient dosages would definitely go a long way.



We’ve got to give it up for Instant Knockout.

It hits the mark in every area, proven ingredients, effective dosages, good serving ratio, no proprietary blends, and it’s even used by fighters in the MMA.

From both personal and theoretical research with Instant Knockout we found it to be the strongest most effective fat burner on the market at the moment.

I got a hell of a lot leaner while still maintaining the majority of my muscle mass. It was the most successful cut of my life, not only was I burning fat rapidly, but I found it a lot easier to stay on my diet due to the appetite suppression benefits.

It’s a premium product that definitely delivers premium results. If you’re looking to cut fat while maintaining your gains, this fat burner is the way to go.

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