The 18 Annoying People You See At The Gym

The 18 Annoying People You See At The Gym

1. The person who’s clueless how anything works but continues anyway.
Gym Fails and fitness fails

2. People who are struggling with the equipment.
Annoying at Gym  Annoying at Gym

3. These heroes.
Deadlift fails bench press gym fail

4. Anyone who suits up like they’re going to a club.
Annoying at Gym  Annoying at Gym

5. Just like this guy.
Annoying at Gym / Via

6. The attractive and fit person who constantly parks themselves RIGHT next to you.
Annoying at Gym / Via

7. People who do this.
Annoying at Gym

8. Individuals who aren’t really making any effort.
Annoying at Gym / Via

9. As in, no effort.
Annoying at Gym

10. Those who stay for only several minutes.
Annoying at Gym

11. The person who believes their life is a Rocky training montage.
Annoying at Gym / United Artists

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