The 8 Things People who are Naturally Fit do Differently than Everyone Else

The 8 Things People who are Naturally Fit do Differently than Everyone Else

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Let’s face it, sometimes exercise is hard.  It’s hard to create a habit and stick to it.  It’s also hard if it’s something new or you just don’t have the discipline to keep going.  Let’s explore the difference between those naturally fit people vs. the ones who are hoping to get there.





1. Being active is a normal part of their daily life.




They like to park at the back of the parking lot, like to stay busy, play tennis, run 6 miles for the fun of it, and naturally have low body fat.  Hopefully, you have a friend or acquaintance like this, because it’s great to emulate their daily activities.  If you are one that procrastinates or dreads working out you need to find a new approach because a fit lifestyle needs to become a part of your life.  If you hate exercising then you need to find something you enjoy.  We enjoy bodybuilding, but you may love crossfit.  Find what you love and it won’t feel like work.

2. They play mind games.




You may come across a fit person who struggles with the daily grind of working out.  Many of them play mind games with themselves. They have certain rules.  For example, they can’t take a shower until they have worked out.  Another one is doing something very active every day.  It doesn’t have to be the same thing every day.  It can be taking a bike ride one day, doing a boxing class another day, lifting one day and swimming on another day.  Mix it up.

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