This Bodybuilder had to make Ultimate EDM Decision

This Bodybuilder had to make Ultimate EDM Decision

Getting your body in the right shape in order to show it off in public is a something a lot of bodybuilders work long and hard to do, especially if they’re running about with their shirts off all day at a Music Festival or EDM Concert. Most bro’s know that this will land them some rather hot girls if done correctly and could progress further from there, if you know what we mean. However, what your envisioned scenario wont always come true, as this lad found out.

Imagine the time he spent in the gym, grinding out all the reps, spending countless hours in front of the mirrors perfecting his symmetry, stance and strut. Imagine the torturous diet he endured up until the event in order to look his best for whats to come. Imagine the money he spent on his Steroid cycles that might actually be paying off today? We don’t know whether he took steroids or not, but he’s jacked, nevertheless.

Then there’s Her…

The one chick in the Crowd that has nothing to lose. The closest she’s gotten to the gym is thinking about it and whether she should sign up or not. With her confidence at peak levels , likely due to intoxication and drug usage, she moseys her way over to this buff lad and starts to grind on him.

At this Point, 1 of 2 Things can Happen:
1. Guy feels bad for Chick and plays along in order to not cause an awkward situation, all whilst dealing with the public embarrassment of dancing with a chick that’s 3 times his size and weight, forever ruining his chances with all the hotties staring at him and giggling.

2. Or, One of his Bro’s decided to take matters into their Own hands and make the greatest sacrifice any man can do for his Buddy.

Have a look at this video and you decide which Scenario Played out in this Bro’s Head.

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