This Bro just Rode his Bike over this Supercar

This Bro just Rode his Bike over this Supercar

If skaters and Bmx riders didn’t have a bad name and reputation already, this Bro just put took it to a whole new level. Instagram user @ajourneythroughtime filmed either himself or someone else bunny hopping onto a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago and Riding on TOP of it in front of Jake’s Famous Crawfish Seafood Restaurant in Portland, Oregon on April 18th 2015. This stunt has left tons of users on instagram and facebook completely pissed at this young lad for riding on top of this $250,000 Lamborghini.

Check out the Video below of him Riding his bike on top of this Lamborghini and riding off into the sunset.


#BMX #NW #PNW #PDX #NBD #JIB #Lamborghini #RideEverything

A video posted by Josh Navarro (@ajourneythroughtime) on

Here is a Mirror of the Video in Case it gets taken offline:

Here’s also an Original Video of the Car and its Owner that was found on Flickr

We suggest you share this with all your friends so that this doesn’t become a Trend, as many people will get in trouble and possibly face Prosecution and hopefully Jail time. No Exotic Car should be treated in this manner, being Violated by a Cyclist. 


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