This Yoga teacher Won a Weighlifting Championship, Whats your Excuse?

This Yoga teacher Won a Weighlifting Championship, Whats your Excuse?

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A yoga teacher from Hurstpierpoint become an English Champion in Olympic Weightlifting, only 18 months after taking up the sport.

Nicola Jane Hobbs, founder of Mind Muscle Yoga, won British Weightlifting’s English Championships in 2014 in the Under 48kg category.


“After putting in so much hard work during training it felt amazing to win the championships.

The other lifters and crowds are really supportive too which just shows how sport has the power to bring people together,” said the 23-year-old.


Nicola, who teaches private yoga and group yoga classes across Sussex, began Olympic Weightlifting whilst studying for a Master’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology.

She trained four or five times a week, focusing on lifting heavy weights for speed and power with regular yoga exercises helping her to balance out the intensity of weightlifting, believes Nicola.


“I wanted to challenge stereotypes and show that you can be strong and flexible.

“Weightlifting is very empowering and yoga brings you balance,” said Nicola.


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