Watch the most Epic Crossfit vs Bodybuilding Rant you’ll Ever See

Watch the most Epic Crossfit vs Bodybuilding Rant you’ll Ever See

Many would argue that Crossfit is better than Bodybuilding and vice versa, but one Youtuber really broke it down for the fitness community in terms of real life scenarios that could, one day, play out.  Crossfitters are known to do some rather ridiculous exercises and usually do them with half-assed form that’ll leave you hurting for decades to come.

Some Populations even Mock Crossfitters with Memes and Jokes… 
crossfit meme funny 2
crossfit meme funny
crossfit meme funny 3
Crossfit Meme Funny 6

Crossfit Meme Funny 4
Crossfit Meme Funny 5

But this one Youtuber took it a Step further by laying out some rather interesting points about some exercises that Crossfitters do. Things got a little heated towards the end of the clip, but this guy really knows his stuff, no doubt about it! He gives you some step-by-step instructions how to really get the gainz you want and lays it out in a Calm and well thought out manner. Without further Ado, Watch the Most Epic Rant of Crossfit vs Bodybuilding below and check out his channel after watching this video!

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