Why You’ll Never Succeed With Synthol Abuse

Why You’ll Never Succeed With Synthol Abuse

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Watch out, this is not for the faint of heart or underage.  Synthol abuse is the real deal.  The full video of an arm exploding is on the last page.


Synthol often mistaken for a steroid is actually an oil that bodybuilders inject into their muscles to increase the size.  Synthol consists usually of oil, benzyl alcohol and lidocaine.  The oil is to increase the size of the muscle, the alcohol is to sterilize the injection fluid and the lidocaine is to decrease the pain.



Synthol is for people who want “pretty” looking results but want to do absolutely no work.  The only effect you are getting by injecting the oil is swelling the muscle belly.  It’s completely 100% non functional.


It’s very dangerous too!  If you inject Synthol into a vein by accident it will cause an embolism that can very easily kill you.  If you over inject it can cause compartment syndrome or result in the over stuffed compartment to rupture.  Ouch!

This next video is really sad.  This guy has to get his arm amputated because of Synthol abuse.  Is it really worth it?

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